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I'm from Amsterdam, Holland, the city of Sex and Drugs, but I was shocked that there are so many prostitutes in Lima. I took a hotel in the centre of Lima, in jiron Chota and when I went out of my room and wanted to go into the streets of Lima, the first person I met when I went out of the hotel was a prostitute.
My last week in Lima they even try to get in contact with me in daytime near the palace of justice in Lima.
It was quiet easy to get some weed, but what shocked me was that weed was making these peruvian youngster into drugs addicted little robbers. A joint of weed is for a Dutch young person as normal as a glass of red wine for a Frenchman. Also Amsterdam has the reputation of prostitution and drugs, the amount is much bigger in Lima. In Amsterdam prostitution is legal and one does not see them in public in the streets, and soft drugs like weed is sold legally so that the state can benifit with taxes.
In Peru women quite know well that their husbands go to the brothels, they know, but they accept because a man is a bad husband and father if he doesn't work hard every day (sometimes 12 hours a day) and give money to his wife, if he is good husband, women will close their eyes if their man and his patas go to the hookers.
prostitution is one of the oldest professions, and like you said you pay for it either way.
Human trafficking arrest in Burlington.
Published: September 28, 2013.
Updated: September 28, 2013 12:30 PM EST.
Human trafficking arrest in Burlington.
A Toronto man is under arrest for assault after a woman managed to call police from a motel on Friday.
“There had been an altercation that caused the assault,” acting Det.-Sgt. Brad Murray of Halton Regional Police said.
The man is also accused of fiancially benefitting from forcing the same woman into prostitution, police said.
Police were alerted to the situation when the female “left the room where he was, to seek help,” Murray said.
She believed he was her boyfriend, he said, adding it was not a hostage situation but related to “power and control.”
Later the investigation revealed she had been prostituted by the man since May.
“We arrested him immediately,” Murray said, adding the accused is not known to Halton police and did not resist arrest.
The unidentified victim sustained “minor injuries” to her face and has since received medical care, police said.
Murray said he “wouldn’t say it’s a growing problem but it’s definitely a crime trend” in Burlington.
Brandon Curtis Henry, 28, is charged with human trafficking and two counts of assault.
He also faces charges related to prostitution and exploitation.
He was scheduled for a bail hearing in Hamilton court on Saturday.
Watch as prostitutes sell sex for ?30 at seedy hotel just yards from police station.
Foreign escorts provide round-the-clock service at Hartley Hotel across the street from the Met’s Forest Gate nick in east London.
Prostitutes are selling sex for as little as £30 at a seedy ­hotel opposite a police station.
Foreign escorts provide a round-the-clock service just 20 paces from the front door of the Met ’s Forest Gate nick in east London.
Prostitution at the one star Hartley Hotel is so notorious that it is ­mentioned by reviewers on the TripAdvisor site – where it is rated as among the capital’s worst hotels.
Girls can be booked by phone from adverts on the internet, although when we asked the hotel if girls were ­available, staff said they were not.
One hooker, who called herself Amy, agreed to spend 15 minutes with our reporter for £40. Amy texted to confirm the booking, saying: “Yes, yes baby. Kiss you.” She invited our man to go to room 37, on the second floor of the dingy hotel.
Outside the ­hotel a uniformed constable could be seen standing in front of the police ­station. A man at reception waved our reporter through when ­given the girl’s room number.
Amy, who claimed to be 20, was waiting in the room with the door open. The slight brunette ­appeared to be from eastern Europe and spoke little English. She wore scruffy casual gear, in contrast to the glamorous lingerie and heels in the photographs ­accompanying her advert.
She ushered our man to one of two beds in the dimly-lit room, glumly counting the cash and mumbling: “Take your clothes off.”
The Sunday People reporter made his excuses and left, but not before the girl tried to pull him back into the room, saying: “Come on, baby.”
Amy’s online advert tells likely punters: “Hi boys, my name is Amy and I do full service.”
She also offers “duo” – a threesome with another girl – unprotected oral sex, bondage, something called “porn star experience” and a “quickie”. Amy is one of a host of girls who sell sex at the Hartley. And potential guests are fully warned by reviews on travel website Tripadvisor.
As a place to stay, only 41 of 1,064 London hotels listed on the site are rated worse than the Hartley. It is rated as “terrible” by 12 former guests. One wrote: “Please don’t stay in this hotel. If you like to visit a ­prostitute then go. But this is not ­actually a hotel. Very dirty. Terrible place.”

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