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I am from holland and lived., studies and partied half a year in the very centre, Old Town of Riga. The guy who wrote this is just an idiot, and a very very big one. I have seen some things happening on the streets in old town, but its just the usual stuff as it happens in other cities (small fights outside of a club between young guys, thats al). Riga is an amazing city and incredibly open and friendly to tourism. Only thing true in this article is the thing with the taxi's, there are indeed some locals pretending to be a cab and ask you for a double or tripple price. Concluding: anynody with sense and the possibilty to think logically will be totally fine and safe in Riga.
I have been for a few days in riga and kiev its true that some of this people are rude and cold,but not all of them, you can meet there people wich are kind and friendly. look at the the women, simply real beauty.
hee Jonathan. Wij gaan met vrienden binnenkort er naartoe. Zou je mij wat tips en aanbevelingen kunnen doen over bars/clubs. En ook op welke plaatsen je juist niet moet komen. Wacht graag op reactie.
hee Jonathan. Wij gaan met vrienden binnenkort er naartoe. Zou je mij wat tips en aanbevelingen kunnen doen over bars/clubs. En ook op welke plaatsen je juist niet moet komen. Wacht graag op reactie.
Some comments are valid. I do think you need to be particularly alert in a Riga, particularly out of season.
Read my latest blog post and you will see what happens if you get too drunk in Riga. people WILL take advantage!
Wow, it looks like you could get in all possible troubles! We just came back from Riga frew days ago. We were a group of 12 and none of us got in any of those you mentioned! We had a 2 great nights out (the first night we book a pub crawl tour, next night went on our own), on Saturday went on a jeep tour with Riga Off Road team and went to the shooting range. Excellent service, friendly people, great value! Definitely will recommend Riga to all of my friends.
That's great Mark. I'm sure with a larger group it's a lot safer. Lone people tend to get targeted for sure. Glad you had a good time!
Hi Mark, Could you tell me which bars/clubs are good and which one we have to avoid. We are going with a group of 9. I am waiting for your reply.
We are going to Riga in 4 days. Mark, can you tell which company you used for pub crawl tour? We found Red Fox tours, they have a good offer, but no available guides friday and we dont want to do on saturday (have made already other plans). what about the stip clubs? any suggestions?
Use Panda Taxi. definitely the cheapest available one bar none.. Service always on time and easily recognizable. Cheapest one without a shadow of a doubt. There's a Damn Panda on the hood. Yeah. I'm Latvian btw. Went back to LV for the first time and 4 years for two weeks and it's a great party as always. This article must have been written by a no tact, no common sense, health and safety obsessed person who's saved up on his benefits, taken a trip for the first time in life and got introduced to the world outside the sofa watching football (or soccer – just to mess with you) after finally putting the beer can down. or the other option – a yob who's trying to tick his ''foreign asbo list'', acted like a numbskull and got put in place very quickly. Latvia is one of those places where arrogance and overconfidence will attract people who are not afraid of your bull. 🙂 Otherwise be cool, have fun and don't pee on the national monument. you will be fine.
Hey! Riga is a great choice and I hope you will enjoy it as we did! No, we booked the tour here (www. rigapubcrawl. com). Company called Riga Pub Crawl. Definitely worth 20 eur we paid. Cheers!
hi might, if you wana good strip clubs? try the jokey club near radisson blue hotel and the strp bar of the x dream hotel, avoid other clubs.
If you want a cab this is a must visit blog for you!!
Not a nice place..cold closed people..poor country..girls looking only for money..strange strip bars..they dont like foreigners..pissed up on whole world..spend u re money somewhere else.
I do not agree with all what are mentioned as I'm travelling frequently to Latvia for 4 years and saw nothing from that bad things . Yes Latvians are straight and serious and not want to waist time on useless things. Live in Latvia is not so easy and many peoples are suffering, so if they be little hard I forgive them especially if you know they occupied by most dangerous occupier.
Just been watching a bbc documentry about an undercover bbc worker approaching sex worker girls in Latvia. The outcome very sad. Most of them are trafficed or doing it because of poverty and British tourists beating and abusing them. Must stop you British guys. Please don't hurt the poor girls. One girl was crying in the documentary as she was young and beautiful but beaten nose broken suffering from hepatitis and said she only has a year left to live. Horrible as many of her clients were British beating and abusing her. Just think she is still a human not an object. I wish to God God IF ONLY I CAN HELP HER. ALSO DONATE TO POVERTY STRIKEN CHILDREN IN LATVIA PLEASE. I WILL BE. THERE IS A WEBSITE ON THIS JUST GOOGLE IT. HELP HELP HUMANITY IN NEED. NOT EVIL ON IT PLEASE. THANKYOU.

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